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Image by Fabian Gieske

Take a moment to Paws

Apart from the comfortable private guesthouse & deck, quality amenities, use of the outdoor hot tub, and the home cooked menu options we offer, choosing to stay at Paws Guesthouse includes the added great feeling of knowing that your stay helps support our continued efforts to rescue, protect and maintain vulnerable area street dogs and unwanted pets who otherwise would have no home to call their own.  The love, joy, and companionship that our furry friends share is beyond measure and we know that you will enjoy spending some time with them during your stay.  


Kindly support your local animal rescue shelter, humane society and/or Peta on behalf of our Paws. Thank you!  


Karen & Kenneth, Peaches, Caluga, Lucky, Rufus, Noodles, Cricket, Scotch, Chewy, Peanuts, and Cucho

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